This entry was posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Many Americans realize that our health as a nation is on the decline. Many also know they are not as healthy as they could be and oftentimes don’t feel as well as they should. The increase in obesity and other diseases of lifestyle like type 2 diabetes is striking. While many, if not most, Americans realize they need to make some changes to improve their overall health many seemingly do not know what to do and are constantly searching for the ‘magic’ diet, exercise program or vitamin supplement.

Evaluating and finding the underlying causes of many of our health issues and complaints can be very difficult. The body and its many functions that must work in concert to have good health are indeed complex. Science obviously does not understand all of the various inner workings of the body and there are regularly new discoveries relating to how the body functions.

Despite all the complexity that there is, and all that we still do not know, there is much that we do understand is basic to good health. Most, if not all, of us know of various things we could or should be doing to improve our health. If we’re going to have a snack it should be obvious that an apple is going to be more healthful than a candy bar. Yet, too many people frequently eat products that they know are not healthful. Wouldn’t each of us have better health if we ate one less piece of candy or dessert and one more fresh vegetable or fruit per day?

The same can be said about exercise. So often we think we need to be involved in an extensive regimented exercise program to see results. Wouldn’t it be more healthful for us to take a walk after dinner rather than sitting in front of the television and not getting any exercise?

Many people fail to take any action in improving their health because ‘they just don’t know what to do’. Most of us however do know of some simple, relatively easy, steps that we could take to help move us in the direction of better health.

Yes, sometimes you will need the help of a professional to assess your condition and provide you with the appropriate steps necessary to regain the health you desire. In the meantime, hopefully each of us can improve in the one or two areas that we already know would be helpful and are not really that difficult. Obtaining better health is a process that may involve many different avenues of approach. Take that first obvious step today and do one or two of the things you already know would be helpful to your health.

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