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J.P. – Bend, OR

I came to Dr. Wilkens seeking to to rid myself of numerous health plights and desiring a healthier lifestyle. I was suffering from acid reflux, lower abdominal bloating and pain, lack of energy, constipation, irritable bowels, and feeling physically weak. I also suffer from high cholesterol, bone and joint injuries, and overweight issues that compound these problems.

After the Nutritional Response Testing and resulting recommendations of Dr. Wilkens, I am on the path to a better life and health. Since the start of the program I have improved with each week. Dietary and supplement changes along with guidance from Dr. Wilkens were and are the key to a successful and healthy life. I am looking forward to a future that will bring a healthier and happier me. This is the best investment you can make in your life!

G.L. – Fort Rock, OR

I first started seeing Dr. Wilkens in the mid 80’s. At that time, I had severe neck pain. After a series of adjustments I was able to move with full range of motion. Dr. Wilkens is very gentle and knowledgeable and has the uncanny ability of knowing exactly what is out of “whack”. I always get better. We moved away from the Central Oregon area for 9 years and I really missed being under his care. Even though I went to other chiropractors, it was not as effective. Dr. Wilkens knows his stuff. I constantly recommend him to others.

R.B.- Redmond, OR

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years and I was becoming discouraged. My sister-in-law recommended coming to Dr. Wilkens for nutritional evaluation. Although I did not know much about nutrition and the body, I wanted to be healthy, and if it helped me get pregnant, that was an added bonus.

After just a short time of weekly visits, diet changes, and taking some recommended supplements we were able to get pregnant. It was so very exciting. I had mentally prepared for a six to twelve month timeline before my body was able to become pregnant – but surprisingly it was only about a month! I continue to see Dr. Wilkens to continue work on my own health and in order to have a healthy pregnancy. We are so happy and blessed to have come here.

D.T.R. – Bend, OR

Aches and pains are a common part of life. But my whole life, it seems I’ve had more than other people. I owned a lumber yard for 20 years and raced motocross for most of my life.

When I first came to Dr. Wilkens, some days I could barely walk because of severe lower back pain. Jim worked with me and after only 2-3 treatments got me back in the game. Thanks to Jim, I now live a very active life that includes racing cars and riding 4-wheelers and snowmobiles.

I have referred several of my friends to Dr. Wilkens, and in every case these friends have called me to thank me. Jim is a no-nonsense guy. His goal is enabling people to live a healthy life. Thank you, Dr. Wilkens, for all your years of great service and relief.

C.W. – Redmond, OR

I returned back to my ‘lifesaver’, Dr. Wilkens, for Nutrition Response Testing. NRT is basically an individualized nutrition program. Instead of typical Western medicine that treats symptoms, NRT works with analyzing your body and then developing an individual program that in order to eliminate the underlying stresses to your your body.

 Two years ago, I was “diagnosed” with Hashimoto’s Thyroditis and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I started treatment with a variety of doctors. It wasn’t until I began seeing Dr. Wilkens that I actually started seeing any change. He determined the foods and environmental stresses my body was reacting to, and we slowly started eliminating these. He also tweaked supplement recommendations weekly to adjust what my body needed or did not need anymore.

The effects I was experiencing from my under-active thyroid changed almost immediately. I lost about 40 pounds in 3 months and my energy was back! I felt like my body was telling me “drop this excess weight”. As soon as I started doing the right things, it just melted off. The other issue we were dealing with was with getting pregnant. I’d had a miscarriage the year prior and we had spent the rest of that year trying to get pregnant. After starting NRT, I got pregnant within 2 months!

 Once pregnant, I admittedly stopped going to Dr. Wilkens. I wanted to start eating cheese and chocolate again! But to my chagrin, my gallbladder started acting up at 20 weeks pregnant, and I had to have it removed. Dang! Should have stayed with it.

Now, our baby is here, and after all that, by God’s good grace, is healthy! But I am not. I can feel that my thyroid is off again and can see it in my daily life with the extreme lack of energy and inability to drop this baby weight – no matter what I try. Also, we want to get pregnant again, but my body is all out of whack.

 Enter Dr. Wilkens to the rescue! We found that while my thyroid and adrenals were showing signs of stress, my most dominant issue is my ovaries. So we are starting work with that. I can no longer have wheat, sugar (that’s a biggie), preservatives or any food with artificial coloring. Those are the 4 that most negatively affect me right now. I’m also taking supplements that are working for my body. 

When I started this 2 years ago, my sister-in-law joined me in my dietary restrictions. She also dropped a ton of weight. So, go see Dr. Wilkens, starting now!

B.E. – Bend, OR

I came to Cascade Chiropractic Center full of aches and pains, with very little energy, and with lots of mood swings – my poor sweet wife! I initially came in for back treatment and was surprised when Dr. Wilkens suggested nutritional work. After my first nutritional consultation, I knew Dr. Wilkens’ outlook on total health was a perfect fit for me.

Today, I have greatly reduced aches and pains. I have improved mobility and a large increase in energy. Mood swings have all but vanished. We have to choose to act upon the information we are given – and I thank God that Dr. Wilkens gave me information and help that I didn’t even know was available!

D.D. – Fort Rock, OR

I am a retired farrier (horseshoer). I developed back pain early in my horseshoeing career. Dr. Wilkens was able to stop the pain and adjust me so I could continue my trade. I go into his office for adjustments when needed and have been pain-free for years.

L.H. – Bend, OR

I came in to Dr. Wilkens with severe lower back pain in my left sciatica. I have undergone many different types of treatment, but I always feel best after my treatments at Cascade Chiropractic Center.

A.C. – Bend, OR

In July, 2009, I came to Dr. Wilkens with a high blood glucose level of 299 and dealing with obesity. I was having burning/tingling sensations throughout my body and heart palpitations throughout the day (especially at bedtime). My stomach and intestines were upset and rolling and twisting. I was having increasing headaches were increasing and sleeping poorly.

Just one month later, my blood glucose level is down to 123 and I have dropped eight pounds. The burning/tingling occurs only occasionally, mainly before/after meals. The same is true for my heart palpitation. Stomach/intestinal upset are rare now and I sleep 7-8 hours most nights with rare interruptions.

This improvement is due to Dr. Wilkens’ evaluation of my health and his recommendation for me of a strict diet of protein and low carb vegetables, and the elimination of all sugars, starches and glutens. He supplements my diet with specific vitamins and minerals. I have tripled my exercise time: walking, floor exercises, and gentle weight lifting….

I am feeling better each day and my blood glucose levels have dropped and stabilized. I can feel the aging process slowing and anticipate staying health without the medications that cause so many unpleasant side effects. Through this treatment and the accompanying life style changes, I am feeling hope for the future. Other members of my family suffer various health problems, and as I observe the results of the treatments they have chosen and compare them with my own – I know I am on the right track.

W.D. – LaPine, OR

Having been in a car accident, I was in pain! My ribs hurt and my neck was sore. Some years before, I was injured, and Dr. Wilkens had “fixed me up” in no time. So naturally I came back to Dr. Wilkens to “fix” me again. I call him the “miracle man”. Somehow, he finds those sore spots and works his magic. Today I’m feeling so much better. It amazes me how far I have come in such a short time. Thanks, Dr. Wilkens.

E.J. – Bend, OR

When I came to this office I was in constant pain. I was depressed, unmotivated, and unable to sleep. I could not even walk my dogs (two jack russells) who need constant exercise! Grumpy, legs going numb, circulation problems, anxiety, loss of bladder control, tingling arms, constant numb back spasms, unable to get up from the couch or bed without assistance from my husband. I was not fun to be around.
Today I am relaxed, more calm, no longer anxious, and I can walk without pain. I exercise daily. I can grocery shop without my back going out. I can walk the beach with my dogs and bend over to pick up sea shells! I feel circulation in my legs and feeling has returned! I can control my bladder and actually get down to the toilet seat without my back going out. I am my happy self again, sleeping comfortably because the pain is gone.

T.M. – Bend, OR

I have been a patient of Dr. Wilkens since 1991. When I am in real trouble, I come to see him. I first came into Dr. Wilkens bent over with pain in my lower back. I had to use a cane to walk most days, if I walked at all. I am very against using pain pills, but I actually took them sometimes. I really thought, “This is it, I finally damaged my back for good. I will need surgery this time.” But today – I feel great! I do cleaning of new construction cleaning and am now able to do it again. It took a few visits, but I feel as good as new. Thanks Doc!

P.P. – LaPine, OR

When I started this wellness program, I was so frustrated!! I felt I would spend the rest of my life with pain throughout my body. I had tried so many times to take better care of myself, but my willpower was shot. The thought of giving up some of the food I really enjoyed, changing my eating habits, a new way of life, seemed impossible! But when Dr. Wilkens told me of all the benefits that would come and gave me his help and encouragement, I decided to try.

Now, two months into the program, I feel great! I feel like I did 18 years ago when I successfully quit smoking. I have just finished the liver cleanse and am looking forwards to the next challenge. I feel the changes and I am losing weight. I no longer have to sleep in the recliner. My gut is feeling much better, I have less pain overall, and mentally, I am terrific! I have a long way to go physically, but I know I can do it a little at a time. Thanks so much to Jim and staff! They have been great in helping me to reclaim my health and my life.

R.H. – Medford, OR

Ever since I can remember, I have had bloating and cramps after meals that were very uncomfortable and necessitated my lying down. About six month ago it became more severe and and made eating out or with friends very unpleasant. Also, I had lost about 10 pounds and was underweight. I was also having mood swings that caused me to feel aggressive, irritable, and anxious.

Six months after beginning treatment with Dr. Wilkens, I am completely bloat and cramp free! I know what foods to avoid so I can eat around people again without apologizing for having to sit or lie down!

I have gained 5 pounds and my stomach doesn’t have the bloated “poochy” look that it has always had. My body can function and digest properly. I have so much energy and I do not want to nap in the afternoons any longer. I have control of my aggression, and I am much less irritable. What a blessing!!!

C.E.S. – LaPine, OR

When I first came to Dr. Wilkens, I ached all over, had swelling in my feet and hands, was experiencing problems with constipation, and had no energy. I had night sweats and was a very restless sleeper. I got headaches at least three or four times a week. After seeing Dr. Wilkens, I have much fewer aches and pains and the swelling in my hands and feet are all gone. I have much more energy and the constipation is gone. I sleep better and almost all night sweats and hot flashes are gone. I have no headaches and overall, I am much more comfortable.

S.P. – Bend, OR

Six months ago I was struggling to recover from a virus. I felt weak, had a poor appetite, and needed to nap frequently. My coloring was pale and lacked luster. After evaluation and recommendation by Dr. Wilkens, I have adhered to a gluten free diet for the past six months and taken recommended supplements to help build my immune system. I also have restricted foods containing lactose and fructose. I do not crave any specific food now – even those that were my favorites! My energy level is fairly constant throughout the day. My friends have commented recently that I look vibrant and energetic, and I must agree – that is how I feel!

P.S. – LaPine, OR

My back problems began 26 years ago. I was relaxing at a lake with my family, reached for an item, and my back went into spasms. With great difficulty and much assistance, I made the drive back to town and into bed….The medical doctors recommended pain medication and bed-rest for two weeks, but my job was starting back up for the school year and I needed to be there. My cousin referred me to Dr. Wilkens. Three days later I was back to work.

I have been coming to this office on a regular basis ever since to keep ‘tuned up’. My husband and I ran a sled dog team for over ten years. Without Dr. Jim there to keep us tuned up and back out on the trail, I am not sure what we would have done. I highly recommend Jim’s chiropractic care. Without it, I would not be walking or functioning at the level I do today.

M.P. – Bend, OR

When I came to see Dr. Wilkens, my eating habits were not good and my stomach did not feel good most of the time. I had no energy throughout the day. Today, I am eating much better, and my stomach feels so much better. I have lots more energy all through all the day – and I even lost some weight during this time.

J.P. – Bend, OR

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001. I suffered from periodic total “body shutdowns” where I would sleep in nearly catatonic states for up to 48 hours and then suddenly snap out of it. My strength and balance were so poor , I looked as if I were drunk. I was in constant fear of falling, and I seriously contemplated buying a cane. Phantom pains in all areas of my body were an everyday occurrence, and I had limited feeling in my hands and feet from all the numbness.

My neurologist told me that much is unknown about MS. As a person who always avoided drugs, I was very apprehensive about using Copaxone, one of the “ABC” drugs used to treat the disease, but my symptoms had progressed to the point I felt it was even riskier not to start the medication. Six months after my diagnosis I started daily injections of Copaxone. After six years of daily injections, my skin was so leather-like that I could no longer inject the medicine. And costs for the drug were staggering. Of even greater concern was my worry over possible side-effects looming in the future. I knew there had to be a better way.

Immediately following my diagnosis, I studied everything I could find about alternative treatments for MS. I believe a body can heal itself, and I set out to make that happen. I “remodeled” my life. Though I had always tried to eat well, I concentrated even more on good nutrition by eating lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. I reduced my stress levels enormously, even changing jobs to work in a better environment. I slept at least 8 hours a night and started walking every morning. My remodel was effective – I went into remission from MS and due to the difficulties with the injections, I stopped using Copaxone.

Although I felt so much better, I had a nagging concern that I should be doing something more to stay healthy. Vitamins? Which ones and how many? Fish oil? What brand and how much? Where there other things I didn’t even know I should be taking or things I should be doing? I read so many conflicting articles and didn’t know which source to believe. I also worried about the residual effect of injecting Copaxone into my body for six years. I needed help.

Then I met Dr. Jim Wilkens and learned about NRT. I became an NRT patient in August and believe that I now have found the answers to all those questions and more! Through muscle testing, Dr. Wilkens has found I am sensitive to gluten and sugar. In fact, researchers are starting to suspect that MS and many other illnesses including lupus, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome, are actually the result of gluten intolerance. As a result of my new knowledge, I am gluten free and watch my consumption of sugar. I eat more raw foods, tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, and have added healthy fats to my diet. No more whole grains with gluten! Food is now my medicine! Dr. Wilkens also found that I had a high level of mercury in my system- perhaps from the Copaxone? I take supplements to rid the mercury from my body and there are lesser amounts of it in my system at each appointment.

An unexpected outcome from my nutrition visits has been the improvement in the amount of tingling pain in my forearms. I thought the pain was a leftover MS symptom that I would contend with for life, but now the sensations are nearly gone. I do yoga three to four times a week and some form of aerobic exercise several times a week. In addition to feeling great, I have lost around 20 pounds. Yahoo! My husband tells me I look healthier and younger every month. He is also reaping the benefits of my new lifestyle by eating more whole food and less unhealthy choices. He feels better and has lost a few pounds, too.

Dr. Wilkens and NRT are the answer to my prayers. I think of them as my personal health insurance. Now I have a definitive way to stay healthy without drugs! My food is my ‘medicine’. By taking control of the foods I eat, taking whole food supplements, continuing to exercise, opting to live a simpler, less stressful life, and following Dr. Wilkens’ recommendations, I have complete faith that I will live a long, healthy and vibrant life!