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Inflammation, Health, Pain and Diet
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Inflammation has been linked to numerous health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s and depression. Inflammation is also the source of much of the pain we experience throughout our body. Arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis are all inflammatory conditions whose pain is decreased as inflammation is decreased.

Inflammation is part of a normal immune response to help fight infection and heal injuries. Chronic “hidden” abnormal inflammation can occur throughout the body without our knowing it making us more susceptible to numerous disease processes. Prolonged infection, smoking and even obesity make us more prone to inflammation.

Another common cause of abnormally increased inflammation is what we eat. Loading up on junk foods, sugar in its various forms, high-fat meats, and processed foods may increase the overall inflammation in our body and the pain and disease that can follow. Research has shown that we should eat more fruits and vegetables and decrease our consumption of sugary sodas, candy, and desserts.

If you have chronic pain, want to have more energy, or just become healthier you may want to try going on a four-week anti-inflammatory diet. The anti-inflammatory diet I recommend is to avoid all processed and packaged foods and eat a diet that consists mostly of raw or lightly steamed vegetables, fish, chicken, and turkey. Almond, cashew and walnut nuts or butters are also allowed. Foods to avoid include all dairy products, sugars, soy, wheat, corn, coffee, alcohol, soda, and eggs.

The diet of many Americans is responsible for a large amount of disease and pain. If you would like a copy of the complete anti-inflammatory diet I recommend send a stamped self addressed envelope to: Cascade Chiropractic Center, 477 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend, OR, 97701

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