What are important things to look for when choosing a chiropractor in Bend Oregon?

When it comes to your health finding the right chiropractor in Bend Oregon is of critical importance. Often patients ask how can I find a chiropractor near me. While the convenience of location is a factor it certainly is not the most important. I have been a chiropractor in Bend for over 30 years. During this time I have seen many chiropractors come and go. I have had the unique opportunity to serve as president of the Oregon chiropractic licensing board and I also helped write the National Clinical Competency Licensing Exam for 2001. From this vantage point I offer the following guidelines for choosing a chiropractor to address your specific condition(s) and needs.

What type of Chiropractic Technique(s) does the doctor use?

Finding the chiropractor and technique that is most beneficial and comfortable for you is crucial. It is important to find a chiropractor that utilizes numerous techniques so that the most appropriate technique for your unique condition and preferences may be utilized. Instrument or “low force” adjusting can be beneficial for those with arthritis or if they are uncomfortable with a more hands on technique that produces a “pop”. Drop table techniques can be beneficial for a variety of spinal and hip conditions. Traditional hands-on techniques that can accomplish a deeper release and “pop” are beneficial for many patients. Flexion distraction or spinal decompression techniques can be very helpful in disc conditions. When searching for a chiropractor be sure to ask if the doctor utilizes a variety of adjusting techniques in order to help you achieve the best outcome comfortably.

What other forms of treatment does the doctor utilize?

While some patients respond well utilizing chiropractic manipulation alone it is important that the chiropractor has additional options available when needed. Various physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, electrical or muscle stimulation and interferential current can be very helpful to decrease pain, inflammation and muscle spasm. Having a massage therapist on staff is also a big plus for many patients.

I hope this will help you when looking for a chiropractor in Bend Oregon that will be able to provide the specific treatment(s) that will be most beneficial. Whether you are looking for a Redmond chiropractor or a chiropractor in any other city hopefully it has become obvious why the most appropriate question is not who is the chiropractor near me.