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Effective spinal adjusting takes years to master. Dr. Wilkens has had over 30 years of success with numerous adjusting techniques including: manual (or ‘hands-on’), gentle activator, segmental drop table, and flexion-distraction (spinal decompression). Dr. Wilkens has become skilled in various techniques in order to accommodate your preferences and provide you with comprehensive care to meet your goal of rapid relief. Learn more.
The body’s joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons all work together and make up the musculoskeletal system. Therapeutic massage in our office is designed to help relax tense musculature and improve soft tissue function. While massage and chiropractic adjusting can each yield excellent results individually, when they are combined to address both the joints and soft tissues, patients often experience a more rapid and complete recovery.
Dr. Wilkens has extensive training and experience in ways to help you reach your health goals through nutritional / lifestyle intervention. Dr. Wilkens has helped many patients to achieve optimal energy, healthy blood sugar levels, improved digestion, decreased inflammation, managed autoimmune disorders, and generally improved health and well-being.

ACBSP™ Certification

Certified Sports Physician

Easy To Find

On Greenwood Avenue (Hwy 20)

Our office is two blocks off Third Street at 477 Northeast Greenwood Ave. When heading east toward Pilot Butte on Greenwood Ave., we are on the right side of the street at the corner of 5th and Greenwood.

Covered Parking

Turn south onto 5th Street from Greenwood Ave. and you will see our covered parking area on the right. The sheltered parking provides protection from the snow and ice in winter and shade if you are leaving your dog in the car on a summer day.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be difficult to choose a doctor, but it is important to make the choice that is right for you.  Over the past several decades I have seen numerous changes to healthcare and how patients are cared for.  What I see now are patients often being rushed through a system that has lost sight of the personal nature of healthcare.

I believe the heart of good healthcare is a trusting relationship between patient and doctor. As an office, it is important to us to give you the information you need to discover whether Cascade Chiropractic Center is the best place for you.  Please feel free to call us with your questions at 541-382-8866 and we will be delighted to help you.

Again, Please Call 541-382-8866

How much will it cost?
Naturally, this will depend on what kind of treatment Dr. Wilkens recommends and you choose to receive. Our goal is to correct the underlying causes of your symptoms as rapidly as possible, and, with his exceptional variety of technical and therapeutic certifications, Dr. Wilkens is uniquely qualified to achieve this. Of course, a maximally effective treatment plan not only brings you more rapid relief, but also keeps your costs down.
Will Dr. Wilkens be able to help me?
The human body is amazing, and, given the resources it needs to function properly, it is capable of extraordinary self-healing. A great many health problems can be addressed by removing obstacles and empowering the body to function in the way it was intended. For the past 30 years, Dr. Wilkens has combined experience with ongoing formal and personal study and is expertly qualified to address a broad range of health issues. However, if, after listening carefully to your concerns, Dr. Wilkens does not feel he is the best person to help you, he will not hesitate to say so.
Will my chiropractic adjustment hurt?
In general, there is minimal discomfort with a chiropractic adjustment. However, if you do not prefer the traditional manual, or “hands-on”, adjusting, Dr. Wilkens also provides gentle Activator, flexion-distraction and drop-table techniques which offer maximum comfort. We are also equipped to provide you with ultrasound, muscle stimulation and massage to loosen especially tight muscles prior to your adjustment, if necessary.
I was in constant pain, depressed, unmotivated, and unable to sleep. My back would spasm constantly and I could not get up from couch or out of bed without assistance from my husband. Now I can walk without pain and I exercise daily. I am my happy self again and I can sleep comfortably.E.J. – Bend E.J.

Bend, OR

When I first came to Dr. Wilkens, some days I could barely walk because of severe lower back pain. Thanks to Jim, I now live a very active life that includes racing cars and riding 4-wheelers and snowmobiles. I have referred several of my friends to Dr. Wilkens, and in every case these friends have called me to thank me. Jim is a no-nonsense guy. His goal is enabling people to live a healthy life. Thank you, Dr. Wilkens. D.R.

Bend, OR

I started with lots of aches and pains, mood swings, and very little energy. After my first consultation for nutrition, I knew Dr. Wilkens’ outlook on total health was a perfect fit for where I was. Today I have much less achiness and pain, improved mobility, and a large increase in energy. My mood swings have all but vanished. B.E.

Bend, OR


For over two decades I have focused my practice on utilizing natural chiropractic and/or clinical nutrition methods which work with the body in order to get to the root cause of your pain and health issues. We regularly witness back & neck pain, headaches, knee pain, fatigue, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and a host of other conditions improve as function is restored and barriers to healing are removed. Please give us a call if you have questions about our services or to schedule an appointment to see how we may be of service in helping you regain your health and vitality.

Dr. Jim Wilkens, DC, CCSP
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician